Applications for the stroboscope are limited only by one´s imagination. In general MOVISTROB flashlight stroboscopes are used for instant and accurate measuring of the speed of moving, vibrating or rotating objects. Moreover MOVISTROBs are well suited for observing by optically stopping or slowing the motion of fast-moving objects while the objects are still in motion.

In the following we mention only some fields of application:

  • Electrical Industry
    Observation of moving shafts, axles, driving elements, rotors, driving gear, clutches, belts, bearing, pinions etc., slip measurements between two shafts, early determination of stresses due to vibrations, testing of material, calibration of engine tachometers, counters etc., amplitude measurement.
  • Automobile- and Engine Industries
    Testing of valves, valve disks and springs, valve rocker arms etc., fuelspray studies of petrol fuel-injection equipment, inspection of nozzles for propper operation, observation of belts, propellers, vents, gear driving, vibrations, springs, generators etc.

  • Chemical Industry
    Study and inspection of mixers, dosing machines, pumps, conveyorbelts, stirring apparatus, packing machines, tablet punching and stamping machines, separators, centrifuges, air pressure transport systems, filters, propellers, swinging sieves, mincing, grinding and crushing machines etc.
  • Optical Industry
    Testing of camera shutter, calibration of camera shutter speed, control of filmtransport, checking of film cameras and projectors as well as parts thereof like ventilating systems, vents, driving belts etc., analysing of lenses grinders, cutters and other machinery, taking photos for motion studies under stroboscope flashlight.

  • Textile Industry
    Speed checks on buckets, spindles, travelers, shafts, looms, cylinders, spoolers. Observation of gain and loss motion of bobbin drives on roving frames. Control of guide rollers, ballooning, twist and shuttles. Detection of faults with bands and tapes, chokes, rings, crooked bobbins, worn travelers, thread in whorl, band and tape slippage, uneven yarn, mixed yarn etc. Adjustment of sewing machines.

  • Ship-Building and Aircraft Industry
    Cavitation studies of air pockets against the blades of turbines and propellers, checking all motions of ship engines, generators, ventilation systems, testing of aircraft engines and propeller blades.

  • Medical Applications
    Observation of vocal cords, diagnostic and research instruments used by psychologists and physiologists to stimulate brain waves, control dental drilling tool etc.

  • Science and education
    Observations and studies of fast moving objects for demonstration and testing purposes, visual proof of physical laws or theories, optically stopping fast moving objects or slow motion demonstrations etc.